App QuikHiring


Objective : As the name suggests “Interview Remotely Yet effortlessly”, It’s a unique platform to let you meet the candidates and judge their communication, confidence and capabilities to answer before you actually call them for face to face interview. – Remotely.

It gives Recruiters pre-defined templates of Questions / Answers for each Role & Functional Areas to quickly setup your preferred online interview questions and invite candidates to start their video interview. – Effortlessly.

QuikHiring is a 5th generation recruitment platform that empowers searching and posting jobs through Mobile Apps and bring Recruiters and Candidates as closer as in face to face interview through its Video Interviewing Capabilities to pre-screen bunch of applications for calling the best candidates to meet you in person. Job seekers can create Video Resume/CV in easy steps and recruiters can post jobs through mobile. Get the job alert on your mobile phone.

It is not just a job portal but it is much like the full selection process of right candidate through short listing the candidates from the introduction video and interview video. It will save lot of time and paper work, as you can see the videos of intro as well as interview. If you have a team to decide for an interview then you can share interview video and video CV among them and they can rate it and you will see the overall rating for that specific candidate.

QuikHiring is a revolutionary step towards finding the right candidate for the job in a timely fashion. Below are the features you will love to use in it.

  • Login using social networking accounts (Facebook or Google+).
  • Candidate can record an intro based on chosen functional Area and job role. There is no number of limits for making intro video. Candidate can record introduction video till it is satisfactory. Always latest intro video will be submitted while applying for job.
  • Candidate can directly response to interview replies by giving interview video. Candidate can give interview video only one time.
  • Candidate can share the intro video anywhere like facebook, email, whatsapp, or whatever is installed on your phone.
  • Candidate will get recommended jobs alerts.
  • Recruiter can set their own questions from the pre-defined template or can provide own questions for interview video.
  • Recruiter can share interview video to colleagues to get their rating.
  • Both can see the grid as well as map view.
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